China wants end the trade war: Cui Tiankai

BEIJING : China wants to end the trade war with the US, but the US’s position keeps changing, said Cui Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the US.

Cui made this remark during an interview at National Public Radio (NPR) headquarters.

The US’s position keeps changing all the time, so we don’t know exactly what the US would want as priorities,” said Cui in the interview.

Cui reiterated that China does not want a trade war with the US, and hopes the two sides can resolve the disputes through negotiations.

He stressed the importance of “good faith” for successful negotiations, of which the US has not shown enough.

According to Cui, the two sides have kept in contact during the past months, and had extensive discussions in various areas. He said China is willing to make some concessions to reach an agreement, but it needs goodwill from both sides.

“We offered to reduce the trade deficit of the US, for instance. And we also presented a very good proposal to the US side about the further reform and opening up in China, some of the so-called structural issues. We are ready to work on the issues,” the ambassador said.

“More than once we had some tentative agreement between the two working teams, then just overnight the tentative agreement was rejected, and the demand from the US changed. So this is very confusing, and this is making things very difficult,” he added.

think between any two countries, maybe especially between China and the US, there is a certain degree of competition. This is only natural,” Cui said.

He added that there’s also a much greater need for cooperation, saying that no country can really handle all the challenges all by itself.

“We have to cooperate whether we like it or not. This is a growing mutual need and a common interest,” Cui noted.

“We are always ready to cooperate with the US even if we have differences and maybe just because we have differences the need for cooperation is even bigger.”


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