Dilemma of a Tax Payer

The word ‘Tax’ with prefixes or suffixes was one of the most heard words during last few days. Previously the word ‘corruption’ was the most frequently used on the television, radio and social media and also in the public debates. But what did a Tax Payer get in return was the frequently asked question that everyone needed an answer. Most of the people believed that basic facilities were not being offered by the state adequately in all fields of human needs hence the taxes recovered from an individual – both directly and indirectly- were illogical and unjustified.
There may be a million examples where a Tax Payer was not reciprocated by the State appropriately. I paid Income Tax for more than quarter of a century and then retired in 2011. I was paid my retirement dues in installments. A few hundred thousand rupees were deducted unjustly, for which I had to travel a lot between various superior civil institutions including the Ombudsman which delayed the money and also wasted my time and resources.
The rules of National Savings Department were not flexible that you could invest your money with them in the Pensioners Benefit Account as many times you may like. If you received your retirement dues and other receivables in installments you could not put it all in this account.
After serving a public sector organization and feeling a proud government servant and a tax payer for more than a quarter of a century; I could not buy or get a plot or a house allotted to me. In 2015, (4 years after retirement) my elder sister whose husband had already died and she had no children died in Islamabad. Since 2015 I have approached the civil courts of Islamabad for a Succession Certificate so that her money could be collected from the banks and her Wills may be fulfilled and remaining amount distributed as per the Law; but so far I could not succeed to get the required documents and certificates
There were no rules with the Courts that the Succession Certificate should be given in 1 to 3 months in any case as there may be widows and orphans left behind a deceased person or may be the family of deceased suffered difficulties of another kind. Similarly there were no rules if a Tax Payer had to come to courts for certain redressal or seeking justice; he will be given a priority. There was no rules either that a retired person or a senior citizen will be offered speedy justice.
Now suppose the courts performed miracle and issued a Succession Certificate to us in a 5 years’ time, which is 2020 and the legal heirs or Successors of the deceased approached the National Savings Centers for collecting the money with profit, do you know how they will be responded. They were going to tell you that the Profit was stopped as on the date of the demise of the account holder viz a viz 2015 so no profits were admissible to you. The fact remains that all three successors were 69plus, 67plus and 65plus including one widow and they may be putting a portion of the money again in the savings schemes for getting monthly profits for survival.
Now let the financial experts come in and calculate ten million Pak (pious & pure) Rupee kept in savings in 2015 arrived at in 2020. Had she (the deceased lady) saved in dirty & impure Dollars, Pounds or Euros, what would have been the result during 2015 to 2020? They must also let us know the value of stocks kept by producers or hoarders gone up from 2015 to 2020 in comparison to the money ordinary citizens kept in the savings schemes.
I wondered how many sacrifices are still needed from the ordinary citizens and how much more multiplied profits were in store for producers, stockists and hoarders. Do you suggest that the pensioners should not put the money in banks/saving schemes rather they should invest in foreign currency, gold, property or commodities giving high returns manifold?

The writer is graduated from Punjab University. Served as Manager Procurements, in the Spinning Machinery Company, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore and Heavy Electrical Complex, Hattar District Haripur KPK.


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