ECP postpones election in NA-60 after Hanif Abbasi’s disqualification

ISLAMABAD : The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Sunday postponed election in NA-60 Rawalpindi in the wake of PML-N candidate Hanif Abbasi’s disqualification in the ephedrine case.

As per notification issued Sunday, the Commission said the election process has reached the final stage as the printing of ballot papers has also been completed.

It said the disqualification of the PML-N candidate from NA-60 (Rawalpindi-IV) triggered a storm of criticism over alleged non-provision of level playing field in the polls.

“The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) having taken cognizance of all the attending circumstances is bound to provide level playing field to the contestants under the Constitution and the law, particularly Section 4 of Election Act 2017.”

On Saturday, the Control of Narcotics Substances (CNS) Court of Rawalpindi handed down life term to Abbasi in the case related to misuse of controlled chemical ephedrine.

Mr Abbasi was contesting election against Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid from NA-60, Rawalpindi and the PML-N did not have a covering candidate in the constituency.


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