FPCCI lauds Imran’s foreign policy vision

ISLAMABAD : President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Ghazanfar Bilour on Sunday lauded the foreign policy vision of the incoming Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In his victory speech charting out his vision for the nation, he offered a glimpse of his foreign policy priorities which is a laudable goal, he said.

He noted that the incoming PM talked about different countries but the first one among them was China which is investing billions in CPEC and Pakistan can learn from its experience to lift people out of poverty

Imran Khan has rightly noted that Afghan people have suffered a lot and said that he wanted to see open borders with Afghanistan which is a very positive statement, he added.

Ghazanfar Bilour said that Khan’s stress on mutually beneficial and balanced relations with the US, as opposed to one-way ties and a possible peace-making role in the Middle East, is encouraging.

PTI supremo has highlighted the desire to improve trade and commercial ties between Pakistan and India to benefit both and to reduce poverty which is heartening as it will improve overall environment in the SAARC region which has remained hostage to the frictions between two major countries of the grouping.

Bilour said that majority of the world’s poor lives in the SAARC region which can be lifted out of poverty if both countries agree to decide matters through talks.

It will also trigger regional trade and ensure peace which will benefit all the countries and the business community, he added.

PTI has rewritten the history and changed the political landscape of the country which has raised hope among masses and the business community which has also reduced demand for the dollar and boosted sentiments in the stock market.

His resolve to reduce expenses, support poor, enhance transparency and accountability and creating opportunities are noble motives.

The President of FPCCI said that the business community is very encouraged due to the victory of PTI which is also evident from the sentiments in the market and he hopes that the party will deliver.


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