Grand Jerga held in Landikotal;imposed ban on unlawful prectices

Lead Report

KHYBER AGENCY: A grand Jerga of local elders and officials was held and imposed ban on all unlawful prectices including fireworks aerial firing in Landikotal of Khyber Agency, officials said on Monday.
In this regard, a combined jirga of local elders and officials of Landikotal administration was held in Landikotal jirga hall. A large number of Shinwari,Zakhakhel, Shalmani elders were present in the Jerga.
Speakers including Malik Abur Razaq Afridi,Malik Khayal Muhammad Shinwari and Gran Bacha Shalmani said that they would cooperate with secrurity forces and local administration to eliminate all social evils from the area.
Malik Abdur Razaq said it was a good steps taken by the Landikotal administration to take onboard eldsrs to fight against anti social elements.
Gran Bacha said they would support authorities to launch crack down against those who spread obscenity and illigality in the society.
Political tehsildar Landikotal Irshad Ali said that several gambling dens have been running in different Landikotal localities.He said all the Shinwari,Zakhakhel and Shalmani tribes elders should take action and nominate those who behind the sinful practices.
He said several persons who were playing cards in a den had had been red handedly arrested last week in Landikotal.
All the elders jointly announced their support and signed an agreement banning gambling dens,aerial firing,sale and purchase of firework goods in Landikotal.The agreement also banned dealing narcotics items in Landikotal.
Political tehsildar Irshad Ali told the jirga that those who found guilty would be fined and strict action would be taken against him.
Khyber Zakhakhel took a week time from the officials to discuss it with their other fribepeople before the enforcment of the agreement.


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