Huawei connect 2018 started

SHANGHAI : The third annual HUAWEI CONNECT, a global event for the ICT industry, opened here on Wednesday with theme Activate Intelligence (AI), the event will focuses on AI: its challenges, opportunities, innovations, and practices.

Rotating CEO of Huawei Eric Xu Global, explained that the level of sophistication of artificial intelligence is closely linked to the level of development of the ICT industry. specifically, Research and development and human skills.

He said today, Artificial intelligence can be said to be as important as the steam engine when it is invented or electricity when it is discovered.

In the current era, various industries and sectors, foremost among them transport and communications, intelligent traffic systems, Intelligent education, Smart Health care, and linguistic translation using artificial intelligence, communication networks and vehicles without a driver should consider the possibility of making the most of Features of artificial intelligence.
Each revolution has changes in capacity and capability that will undoubtedly drive human skills, and the development of the industry increases job opportunities in the field of data, while at the same time reducing dependence on traditional jobs with repetitive functions.

He said today is the best way to think seriously about how to take advantage of artificial intelligence according to their needs, individuals and institutions, and at the state level.

Artificial intelligence has all the problems in the world, but in the midst of our work to make digitization a success, we can consider all applications and solutions that can be put into effect by utilizing artificial intelligence, speeding up the process of digitization, advancing the development of sectors and vital industries, and supporting Operational competencies and quality of services and the reduction of the time of delivery for Ragbet to obtain Them.

Currently only 4 of institutions around the world are using intelligence, and this is no doubt a small number considering the great potential possessed by artificial intelligence, foremost of which are applications that contribute to the reduction of time and the tremendous ability to compute and raise the efficiency of work through the ability to connect applications Artificial intelligence with the rest of the technologies such as Internet stuff, cloud computing and massive data, providing new logarithms and many facets of Automation.

The new Huawei strategy involves raising the efficiency of research and development, especially in the field of visual computing and processors, especially those linked to dynamic applications such as Language. Designed to build an integrated artificial intelligence platform that connects it with various other technologies, we are building bridges of cooperation and partnership to build a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem with all partners and those involved in artificial intelligence in that world, we look through it to improve the services and management system of artificial intelligence.

The range of artificial intelligence solutions that have been taken into account is still minimal in terms of providing strong support to all sectors, especially through cloud computing. According to the results of our latest studies and research, Huawei expects that by the year 2025 there will be 40 billion intelligent personal devices in use, 90 of users will use some kind of smart digital assistance, data dependence will be more than 86, and artificial intelligence techniques will be one of the most important factors Support this Period.

So we have focused on our priorities to launch today, through this conference, two new asund new generation chips, the first of their kind in the field of artificial intelligence for Internet Protocol Worldwide. The first is a huge capacity in the field of computing speed is the only and the first of its kind in the world of this efficiency and includes a bunch of solutions in line with different scenarios for all Sectors.

The second chip provides 16 different categories of solutions for various scenarios.

These chips will make a quantum leap in the realm of artificial intelligence.

It is important that all of this be integrated with the work of building human skills and competencies that bears the responsibility of techniques and solutions of artificial intelligence for individuals and institutions.

So we will not stop taking responsibility for refining the skills of the younger generation and supporting the building and development of their skills commensurate with the accelerating steps of technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence in which we are, and this is the focus of our social responsibility programs at the global Level.


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