Interior Ministry seeks evidence linking unrest to MQM chief’s speech

ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Ministry on Thursday sought evidence from the law enforcement institutions that links the Karachi unrest to Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief’s provocative speech, reported.
According to sources, the ministry has contacted the law enforcement institutions in Karachi as per which all evidences have been sought for the chaotic situation that occurred after MQM chief’s incitement.
The ministry has directed the law enforcement institutions to provide all CCTV footages, footages by the electronic media and other evidence immediately.
The sources said that a special team of the federal interior ministry will head to the UK along with the evidence which will be provided to the Scotland Yard and the UK government.
Based on the obtained evidence, action will be taken as per the constitution in Pakistan as well, the sources added.

Police to detain Dr Amir Liaquat as abettor in Altaf’s anti-state speech

KARACHI : District Malir police have reportedly decided to detain Dr Amir Liaquat in capacity of an abettor in case against Altaf Hussain over latest speech leading to violence and anti-state solgans,reported Thursday
According to SSP Malir, Rao Anwar, a police team was formed to cop Dr Liaquat.
Rao Anwar further informed that the ex-MQM leader was nominated as facilitator in three cases and now was wanted by police for investigation.
It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Amir Liaquat resigned from Muttahida Qaumi Movement membership two days ago after MQM chief’s anti-Pakistan speech.
Dr Liaquat’s resignation came the next day after he spent a night in Rangers custody as he was detained along with Dr Farooq Sattar following party chief s speech.
While talking to Dunya News, Dr Liaquat stated that the party was going through a tough time however, he was never a traitor.
He also mentioned the possibility of him leaving the country if he was pressurized further. Police s decision that was taken late Thursday is expected to be implemented in coming few days.
Experts have said that Dr Liaquat’s decision to quit the party was a result of not being sure of whether to follow Altaf Hussain or Dr Farooq Sattar as at the time, London secretariat of MQM was yet to respond to Pakistan rabita committee’s move.
Different political figures of MQM, in leadership of Dr Farooq Sattar held a press conference on Tuesday and announced to deatach with the founder of the party who is living in self-imposed exile in London for over two decades.
Refering to MQM chief’s speech that led to anti-state solgans, Dr Sattar said that there were remarks that the supporters in Pakistan were unable to defend.

Ultimatum given, MQM’s illegal offices in Sindh to be dissolved within 3 days

KARACHI :Police have been notified to dissolve all offices of Muttahida Qaumi Movement that are operational for decades on land which was acquired illegally, reported Thursday.
Sources reported that top-level authorities of different law enforcement agencies convened a meeting to discuss the law and order situation of province in the aftermath of MQM chief’s speech that resulted in a crackdown against the party.
According to the preliminary reports of the development, all offices of the party established in schools, parks, other recreational spots and sector and unit centres operational in apartments will be dissolved.
Reportedly, three-day ultimatum has been given to law enforcement agencies to comply with the directives.
Banners and flexes bearing pictures of Muttahida Qaumi Movement founder, Altaf Hussain were removed earlier today at Mukka Chowk and Jinnah Ground.
Pictures displayed in Lateefabad number six, seven and eight in Hyderabad were removed as well.


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