Legendary Jansher Khan upsets over poor show of squash players in World Junior

PESHAWAR : The former World Squash Champion, Jansher Khan was shocked at the poor performance of Pakistan Squash Team and expressed great regret that the squash players made the entire national really disappointed in World Junior Squash Tournament held recently in India.

Talking to state-run media, squash wizard Jansher Khan, the four times Super Series Champion said that the selection committee has shown serious negligence while making selection for contesting such an important event of World Junior Tournament.

He also expressed his regret over the selection of incompetent players for the such serious event, who earned no good name for Pakistan, the country known for legends of squash rather they disparaged us in India.

The former Champion said the selected were not given proper training as well.

He held responsible the coaches and trainers of Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) for not providing proper training to the players and also that Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) coaches and trainers have been failed to make players ready for this big event.

All this mismanagement and selection of incompetent players were the main reasons of failure in World Junior Tournament, Jansher Khan added.

The legendary Jansher Khan, who ranked No. 01 for Ten years, further said that the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) must take some serious steps to investigate into the matter, and those who are stayed responsible for all this failure, should be treated accordingly.

Our coaches, trainers and squash players are provided with the huge funds by federation and still their show was very poor at World Junior Tournament. Jansher Khan said that winning and losing are part of the game one time you win and the other time you lose but losing against Columbia and Mexico, the country’s which are almost unknown in the squash circuit, is very embarrassing.

Jansher Khan also condemned Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) that they have wasted the national resources by sending incompetent players to India for contesting World Junior Tournament.

In my personnel view Pakistan could have performed well and was be in our benefit and the advantages could be a lot more if the amount spent on staff and incompetent players on sending for World Junior Tournament, in remarked.

If Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) was spent this amount on arrangement of Junior International Tournament in Pakistan that would have much better, he said, adding, the Junior International players would visit Pakistan would be more beneficial rather to send an unprepared team for the important event which did not but earn disgrace for the country.

With such step it would also benefit the players who were not selected for World Junior Tournament held in India. Their interest in the game could be developed, which was very helpful for our budding players to earn good name for Pakistan in the field of squash at the International level, he said.

He said with holding Junior International Tournament in the country the image of Pakistan around the globe will also be remembers in good words. Jansher Khan regretted that no Pakistani could win World Junior Tournament since he had won in 1986 for Pakistan.


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