Medical Malpractice found at PIMS, Islamabad

Islamabad: (By Nabeel Satti)A severe issue of medical malpractice has been discovered at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences PIMS (Complex Hospital) Islamabad where the doctor in charge of Pulmonology lacks both, the relevant qualification and experience in the said field. This serious negligence of designating the inexperienced and underqualified doctor as in charge, was discovered as a woman under-treatment was misdiagnosed, as her symptoms aggravated instead of showing any improvement. The family of the victim has appealed to the PM, CJP, Relevant ministries and PMDC to take notice of this serious negligence. Also, the family called for immediate action against those responsible, so that nobody is playing with the lives of hundreds of patients at their mercy, every day.

Speaking to Daily Lead Pakistan, G-7/3 resident Sajid Anwar s/o M. Anwar Khan said that I brought his wife, a chronic asthma patient to PIMS for a chest infection where Dr. Rubina Aman examined her and prescribed wrong medication which worsened her condition. Later that night, her condition got so much worse that she had to be brought in to PIMS emergency. The doctor at ER commented that people only come to the hospital when they are about to die. To which, Sajid replied that we had her checked from the Professor Rubina Aman the head of Pulmonology. The doctor then mentioned that she is general physician and not a specialized pulmonologist. Utterly dismayed, Sajid then moved his wife to Ali Medical Center, where after 3 days of treatment, she started to improve.
If this is the situation of the biggest hospital in the federal capital, we can imagine the situation of far flung towns and villages. These days when CJP Saqib Nisar seems active against the so-called unqualified doctors; it is beyond comprehension how a non-specialist is being entrusted with the leadership of an important department like Pulmonology. Sajid Anwar reiterated that CJP. Federal Ombudsman and relevant ministry should take serious and immediate action against those responsible. Furthermore, the management should be responsible in designating the specialists as the heads of their departments.
When Dr. Rubina Aman was asked to comment on the scandal, she said that she checked Mrs. Sajid Anwar and tried her best to treat her to his satisfaction. Also, this baseless negative propaganda is the result of jealousy that some of her fellow doctors harbor against her promotion. When asked if she has had a specialization in Pulmonology, she evaded the question and extended an invite to her office for further comments.


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