Pakistan desires resolution of all issues through comprehensive dialogue: Qureshi

UNITED NATIONS : Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday that Pakistan desires resolution of all issues through a comprehensive and serious dialogue.

Addressing the 73rd session of UN General Assembly, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, “Modi government wasted the opportunity for dialogue for the third time because of their negative attitude.”

He said that Pakistan will continue to comprehensive reforms in the UN Security Council. “Post-colonialism and cold war have left its imprints in the region,” he added.

Qureshi said Jammu and Kashmir’s dispute is the biggest hindrance to peace in the region, adding that the issue will not be resolved until implementation on the UN resolutions.

The Foreign Minister said that the Human Rights Watch’s report on the occupied Kashmir exposed India’s face.

“We welcome the report. It has validated Pakistan’s view. We call for the implementation on its recommendations,” he said.

“India can’t continue with the bloody mayhem on the pretext of terrorism for long. We will welcome a commission on occupied Kashmir. We hope India will do it as well,” he added.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that India has been violating the Lines of Control.

He said India in plain sight of the international community perpetrates state sponsored terrorism in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of India.

The Foreign Minister said there can be no lasting peace in South Asia without a just settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute based on the UN Security Council resolutions and the will of the Kashmiri people.

He said India called off dialogue with Pakistan multiple times on flimsy grounds, preferred politics over peace – used the pretext of stamps issued of a Kashmiri activist and depicting grave human rights violations, including pellet gun victims, as an excuse to back out from the talks.

“Pakistan continues to face terrorism financed and orchestrated by India – shall never forget the mass murder of more than 150 children in a Peshawar School, the terrible Mastung attack and others that have links with terrorists supported by India,” he said.

“If India ventures across the LoC, or acts upon its doctrine of “limited” war against Pakistan, it will evoke a strong and matching response,” Qureshi warned.

“Pakistan wants to engage with all countries and neighbors on basis of peace & equality,” he said.

Serving Indian Naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhev provided evidence of Indian financed, planned and executed acts of terrorism and violence in Pakistan, he added.

“Pakistan is a country that’s most affected by climate change. That’s why our province Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa has taken part in plantation of 1 billion trees under the Bonn Challenge.”


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