PM Imran urges youth to participate in Clean and Green campaign

ISLAMABAD : Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday kicked off the ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’ campaign and planted a sampling while visiting a school in Islamabad.

Speaking at the occasion, the premier urged students to spearhead the movement as they held the keys to the future and it was imperative to tackle global warming.

PM Imran launches nationwide ‘Green and Clean Pakistan’ campaign
Speaking about pollution in Pakistan he said “we are littering our country, polluting our rivers. The level of pollution is high in Punjab. We are seventh on the list of countries most affected by global warming”.

PM Imran also vowed to make Pakistan cleaner than Europe in five years.
He emphasised the importance of the youth’s participation, calling students the “biggest contributors” to fundraising efforts for the construction of the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

In light of ‘Billion Tree Tsunami’s’ success in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, PM Imran said the government would now plant 10 billion trees across the country and added that sewerage and sanitation systems will also be improved as part of the drive.

Stressing the need for cleaning the slum areas of Islamabad, the premier said, “We’ll have to fix our slum areas. We will regularise them and provide them sanitation and sewerage system, landfill sites will also be a part of the cleaner Pakistan,” Khan said.

“The students have actively participated in my fundraising campaign and I look up to you once again. If you decide to make Pakistan clean, it will happen.”


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