Thousands of PTI workers converge on Islamabad for ‘thanksgiving rally’

ISLAMABAD: Thousands of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers were converging on the federal capital to mark the “thanksgiving day”, a day after Imran Khan called of his planned shutdown of the city at the eleventh hour following Supreme Court proceedings on petitions seeking probe into Panama leaks scandal.
Large number of people on Wednesday travelled from Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and many other cities of Pakistan to attend the rally.
PTI chairman Imran Khan and his ally Pakistan Awami League Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed have arrived at the Parade Ground where the rally has been held. The workers were dancing on party songs and anthems while a large number of female workers were also present at the rally that Imran Khan said would draw 1 million people. However, there was no details available on the exact number of the participants.
The PTI postponed the November 2 lockdown of Islamabad after Supreme Court asked both the opposition and the government to submit their respective Terms of References (ToRs) for the judicial commission that would hold an inquiry into the offshore business interests of Pakistanis including some members of the ruling family.
Many saw PTI’s postponement of the protests after Supreme Court’s proceedings as a face saving move as party could not manage to bring as many people as it has been claiming for the last couple of months.
Imran Khan faced criticism for his decision with his pponents claiming that he should not have given the protest call on November 2 when he already knew the top court would take up the case on November 1.
The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday asked the government and the opposition in the Panama Leaks case to show restraint and go back from the positions they had taken, as it was going to resolve the issue that had pushed the country into chaos and crises for months.
“The whole country is agitating and every citizen is disturbed; so, please exercise restraint as we will resolve the issue now,” Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali remarked while heading a five-member larger bench of the apex court, hearing petitions filed for a probe into the Panama Leaks.
The court directed all the petitioners to submit their proposals for consideration as the court reached the conclusion that appointment of a commission will be expedient for just and quick disposal of their pleas.
The court, in its order, ruled that during the course of hearing, a proposal for appointment of a commission came under consideration, and prima facie all stakeholders showed their agreement on it. But before taking any final decision in this regard, the court adjourned the hearing till Nov 3 at 11:30am, to enable all the respondents to submit their replies, and concise statements, if any. The court directed all petitioners to submit their terms of reference (ToRs) along with their proposals.
Earlier, the court had asked both PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to tell the court if they would abide by the decision of a commission on the Panama leaks and gave them time until 1pm.
Later, when the court resumed hearing, Salman Aslam Butt, counsel for the PM and his family members, submitted that his client had accepted formation of a commission regarding probe into the allegations of illegal properties and alleged mis-declaration and returns of the tax in the Election Commission of Pakistan, adding that if the allegations stand proved, the respondent will accept the legal consequences.

I love Punjab and Punjabis, says Pervaiz Khattak

ISLAMABAD: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak on Wednesday said he loves the Punjab and people of the province because he spent his youth in the land of five rivers, rejecting the impression that he spoke against the second largest province of the country.
“I have thousands of friends in Punjab and I love Pujabis,” he said while talking to Geo News. He insisted that PTI workers and he was subjected to hooliganism and oppression in Swabi, a reference to the events of October 31 when he was stopped by Punjab police from entering the province from where he was to proceed to the federal capital as part of party’s plan to lockdown Islamabad.
“I never said Punjabis attacked us, I said Shahbaz Sharif launched an attack on us. I told Shahbaz Sharif may you find yourself in the similar situation one day,” he said.
“Tens of thousands of people have gathered here because Imran Khan is the victorious today,” said the KP chief minister who led a large number of people to the PTI rally which was taking place in Islamabad as part of Youm-e-Tashukkur.


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