Trump administration engaged to resolve Pakistan & India issue: Mike Pence

WASHINGTON, (Online): US vice-president-elect Mike Pence stated that Donald Trump could use his “extraordinary deal-making skills” to reduce tensions around the world and resolve problems, including the Kashmir issue.
In his interview with the NBC News, the vice-president-elect said that the new US administration intends to be ‘fully engaged’ in South Asia and with India and Pakistan on issues such as Kashmir to promote peace and security in the region.
“I think in president-elect Donald Trump you’ve got someone, who is prepared to advance America’s interests here at home, to rebuild this economy, to fight for American jobs,” he said.
“But I think you’re also going to see an energetic leadership in the world, prepared to engage and to look for ways that he can bring those extraordinary deal-making skills to bear on lessening tensions and solving problems in the world,” he added.
Referring to recent tensions between India and Pakistan, Pence said Trump wanted to make sure that both countries “know that when this administration takes office, that we intend to be fully engaged in the region and fully engaged with both nations to advance peace and security”.
Pence further said there had “been great tension between India and Pakistan in recent days. It’s resulted in violence along the Kashmir region.”
During his conversations with leaders of India and Pakistan, Trump had expressed “a desire for continued US engagement on building the relationship with both of those countries”.
The US president had expressed the desire to visit Pakistan on Wednesday in a phone call made by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to felicitate Trump for becoming the 46th president of the United States after the November elections.
Trump has spoken to more than 50 leaders around the world and these were “courtesy conversations”, Pence said, adding they were “part and parcel of beginning the kinds of relationships that will allow our new president to advance America’s interests in the world”.

Pakistan welcomes US offer for mediation on Kashmir dispute: FO

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan welcomed US offer for mediation on Kashmir issue, saying the resolution of Kashmir dispute lies in the United Nations charter only.
In a statement issued here Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakria has said , Pakistan welcomes US mediation on Kashmir issue. “we accept mediatory role by newly elected US administration . He said the issue can be resolved if the U.S. step forward. This statement came after American vice president Mike Pence offered to mediate in the Kashmir dispute.
The FO said Pakistan always supported the dialogue process and for better ties with neighboring countries. It said peace in the region is linked with resolution of Kashmir issue according to the charters of UN.


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