Turkmenistan’s Strategic Priorities (III)

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

Turkmenistan during the 71th session of the UN General Assembly will continue to actively contribute to the work of a new international legal mechanism of the international experts’ group on the development, call to ensure compliance with the generally accepted rules of conduct in the global energy space. It calls for its partners from the United Nations.
Aimed at contributing to the implementation of sustainable development goals on access to affordable, reliable modern energy sources, as well as contributing to the steady, inclusive and sustained economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, Turkmenistan will continue to take concrete measures to practical application of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project.
Turkmenistan expressed confidence that sustainable energy is an essential factor in strengthening the security and reliability of the global economy, protecting ecosystems and achieving equity in international affairs.
(e) Environmental Cooperation
Environment has become one of the main non-state actors and poses a serious threat to human survival on the planet. Climate change has changed development perception. It has a significant impact on the life of humanity and international economic processes.
Turkmenistan will continue implementing practical measures by initiated earlier the concrete proposals in this area aimed at enhancing regional and international cooperation and the establishment of systemic mechanisms of cooperation, including -proposals to establish under the auspices and with the active participation of the UN specialized structures -Regional Center for technologies related climate change, for which the Turkmen side is ready to provide the necessary infrastructure.
Taking constructive and balanced steps and actively contributing to the resolving global problems, and taking into account the future chairmanship of Turkmenistan in the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea, which is an important platform for the implementation of projects and programs aimed at environmental rehabilitation and the solution of socio-economic and water issues not only the Aral Sea region, but also the entire region. We will continue to promote the initiative of President of Turkmenistan on Water diplomacy within existing international mechanisms in the Central Asian region.
Based on the international initiatives of President of Turkmenistan, having announced at the III World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Turkmenistan will make an effort to establish a set of measures aimed at the prevention and elimination of consequences of emergency situations caused by natural disasters. It shows its readiness to work with all stakeholders to establish a regional early warning system for natural disasters in Central Asia and the Caspian region.
(f) Humanitarian Issues
Turkmenistan being a true democratic state is fully taking care of human rights and freedoms as mentioned in the fundamental Conventions and other multilateral UN international acts. It expresses its readiness to active participation in the implementation of practical steps in the humanitarian field. Turkmenistan within the framework of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly will focus its efforts in cooperation with the specialized agencies of the United Nations in implementation of national and regional programs and action plans to ensure the rights and freedoms of person adopted on the basis of international legal instruments of the United Nations. A special place in this activity will be devoted to protecting the most vulnerable groups: refugees, migrants and stateless persons.
Concluding Remarks
The Republic of Turkmenistan under the strategic leadership of President H.E. Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has achieved a notable position in the region as well as in the world. Its strength is its visionary leader. Its inspiration is its hardworking people. Its assets are its indigenous collective wisdom. Its guarantor is its dynamic constitution. Its supporter is its functional political system which always encourages gross-root participation, accountability, transparency and merit. Its international recognition is based on its holistic approach towards basic human rights, freedom, women empowerment, universal education, clean drinking water and health facilities which have been rated the best among all the regional countries by so many international agencies for so many years. Its “neutrality” is the essence of its international posturing.
It has strategic vision of achieving global peace, harmony, sustainable development, humanitarian assistance and the last but not the least, environment cooperation as well as consistent implementation proposed by Turkmenistan at various international forums, initiatives, and proposals will be a key in the development of approaches of Turkmenistan to cooperation with all member states, organizations, bodies, institutions, UN agencies and institutions in the course of the 71th session of the General Assembly.
Turkmenistan always welcomes the close international cooperation in resolving emerging problems of today and expresses its firm willingness to work together in the name of the consolidation of high ideals of peace and justice, the goals and challenges facing the United Nations.


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