266 Direct Hooks removed


On the directions of Chief Executive PESCO, Task Forces actions against illegal use of electricity and Recovery of dues with the cooperation of Federal and Provincial Govt has been geared up throughout the Province. In this connection Task Forces of Bannu -1 Division disconnected power supply from 4 distribution transformers due to non payment of Rs.0.59 Million.4 span LT also disconnected,while 22 direct hooks removed.Rs.0.05 Million recovered from defaulters.
Similarly task force of Bannu -2 division power supply from 3 transformers due to nonpayment of Rs.1.70 Million,Rs.0.26 Million recovered while 16 direct hooks removed.
Similarly task force of Tank division disconnected power supply from 4 span LT Conductor and5 transformers ,13 direct hooks removed.Rs.0.05 Million have been recovered from defaulters and 6 meters have been installed.
Similarly task force of Karak division removed 15 direct hooks in the areas of Sabirabad ,Rs.0.22 Million recovered from defaulters while power supply disconnected from 2 distribution due to nonpayment of Rs.0.37 Million.10 meters have been installed to curb direct hooks.
Similarly task force of Rural Division D I khan removed 12 direct hooks,3 span LT removed from defaulters while 4 meters have been installed.Rs.0.49 Million have been recovered from defaulters.37 meters checked.
Similarly teams of Pesco Samar Bagh sub division of Swat Circle checked various areas and disconnected power supply to defaulters, while 5 meters have been replaced.
Task Force of Peshawar Circle including SDO Pesco Warsak-2 sub division a grand operation in the areas of Palosi and adjacent areas.During Operation teams removed more than 180 direct hooks,against them action has been sought. Similarly during operation 8 persons were arrested using direct hooks.
Drive against illlegal use of electricity and direct hooks will continue, PESCO has once again warned to stop power pilferage in the larger interest of the nation, due to which PESCO has to face financial losses on one hand and on the other hand PESCO’s whole distribution system gets over loaded and the general public faces inconvenience of frequent power break downs.