Absar proved him self to empower table tennis


Haq Nawaz Shanwari
To support table tennis players across the KP YANHI (China based sports item makers and supports of the tennis players across the world) with collaboration with Peshawar based welfare “Absar Welfare foundation” have distributed table tennis sports items in 85 distinguish players of the Swabi, Peshawar and tribal districts of KP on Saturday.
Ceremony was held here in Peshawar’s Hayatabad Sport complex in which Table tennis association secretary KP Kifayat Ullah and National book foundation KP director Murad Ali Mohmmad distributed sports items in the table tennis players of various districts.
The Absar welfare foundation and also international coach of the table tennis Absar Ali told the media that we have selected the few districts which have produced best players in the province, which included Swabi, Peshawar, karak, Chitral and few tribal districts.
“YANHI and Absar welfare to support table tennis players and other games on the field and outside as well and hopeful to extend the program to other districts and provinces in the country” Ali said.
In the first phase we have distributed sports item in renowned players of the districts Swabi and Mardan and they were Hashim Ali, Zaheer Khan, Muhammad Hammad , Hamza, Shehzad Ali, Hidayat Amin, Hiba Iqbal, Haya Noor , Saira and from Mardan Jawad, Hamza Ali , Aizaz, Gul Naz , Sana, The international Coach Absar Ali said.
In today’s sport items distribution ceremony we have Hammad,Rehan kamran, Haseeb imran, Iltaf, Roman, Abdul Wase ,Ihsan and Ibrahim and added that we equal gender opportunity for players in the province.