Afghan envoy’s daughter was not abducted: Rasheed


Minister for Interior calls the episode an ‘international conspiracy’, ‘an agenda of RAW’
Minister for Interior Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed on Sunday said that the incident involving the daughter of the ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan “was not an abduction” at all.
“This is an international conspiracy. An agenda of RAW,” he said, while speaking to Geo News on programme “Naya Pakistan”.
He was referring to the Indian intelligence agency.
Reports of the ambassador’s daughter being “abducted” and “tortured” surfaced on Saturday, with a statement by the Afghan foreign ministry saying that the girl was “abducted for several hours” on Friday.
The Foreign Office issued a statement in response saying that a thorough probe has been launched and law enforcement agencies “are trying to trace and apprehend the culprits to be brought to justice”.
In the meanwhile, the security for the ambassador and his family was “beefed up”, according to the statement. Prime Minister Imran Khan had instructed the interior minister to get to the bottom of the matter within 48 hours.
Last night, the minister shared an update into the probe, saying that the woman used the services of two taxis, and that the driver of one has been contacted, while the other will be traced after a written statement is provided by the family.
Today, the minister, while speaking to Geo News, said that the daughter had first claimed that her phone was stolen, “and later handed her phone over but with the data deleted”.
He said that the CCTV footage of the time of the incident had been reviewed and it was found that there were not two, but three taxis that she had used.
“She took a taxi from Daman Koh and did not return home,” said Rasheed.
The minister said three videos had been reviewed, whereas an attempt to acquire a fourth is being made.
“The girl went from F-7 to Daman Koh and then over to the F-9 Park area,” the minister said, detailing the events of the day.
He said that when the girl stepped out of the home, she walked over to Khadda Market first for shopping.
The minister said that a point in her journey, ahead of the Gakhar Plaza, is a blind spot at the moment as the authorities have not been able to obtain the footage for the area yet.
“The girl also used her mobile phone internet services while at Daman Koh,” he said.
The minister went on to say that the photograph of the girl circulating on media “does not belong to the girl”.