Ali Amin Gandapur elected as KP CM


Gandapur vows to work for welfare of masses, prosperity of province
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur has been elected as the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He secured 90 votes, during the session of the provincial assembly held in Peshawar today.
PML (N) candidate for the Chief Minister slot Ibadullah Khan secured 16 votes.
Speaking in the House after his election, newly elected Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur said efforts will be made for bringing reforms in system of justice and accountability in the province.
He said laws will be enacted from this assembly for curbing corruption in society.
He said terrorism has badly affected the province and efforts will be made for lasting peace.
Ali Amin Gandapur said the new provincial government would expand the tax base to increase revenue collection.
He said tourism and mining will be promoted for the development of the province.
Ali Amin Gandapur said job opportunities will be created for the youth.
He said that he was unhappy to become the Chief Minister in the capacity of an independent candidate but vowed to serve the people of the province with determination and honesty.
Ali Amin Gandapur demanded an open and free trial of chairman PTI.
He underlined the need for a change in the overall system of the country to provide justice to the people, end corruption and work for the welfare of the people.
Gandapur claimed that PTI leadership was kept away from the election and were not provided with a level playing field. “We were not given a field nor were allowed to campaign, protest even on the issues of blasphemy, Kashmir and Palestine.”
While giving his first direction as the elected Chief Minister, Gandapur said that all the FIR which had no evidence should be closed within a week, no matter who it was against. I am giving a chance to all and if such FIRs are not closed he should be ready for punishment.”
Calling for a fair trial of the alleged rigging in the polls, he said that people should not be forced to raise voice for their right. It is duty of the state to give the people their right.”
He offered to start recounting from his own constituency, followed by other members and give people their right as per Form-45.
Gandapur expressed gratitude to the people of the province and the members of the parliament for giving him mandate.
Speaking on this occasion, opposition leader Ibadullah Khan said all out cooperation will be extended to the government for welfare of the people.
He stressed the need for unity among political parties for the development of the country.
Ibadullah Khan congratulated Ali Amin Khan on becoming the leader of the House.