Awareness campaign NH&MP organized road safety seminar for educating dumb and deaf persons


Chairman, Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority AbsarAlam, was chief guest of seminar
National highways & motorway police organized a road safety Seminar for deaf and dumb people to impart road safety education as well as to resolve their road related issues in Pakistan.
Chairman, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), AbsarAlam was invited as chief guest of the Road Safety Seminar.
On this occasion hearing impaired children present fun activities. While addressing the participants of the Road Safety Seminar Chairman (PEMRA) AbsarAlam said that Deaf and Dumb people have their own capabilities and its need of the hour to take initiatives to support them and facilitate them as they are integral part of our society.
Chairman PEMRA, AbsarAlam appreciated the efforts of NH& MP to highlight the issues being faced by hearing impaired persons to facilitate them in all walks of life .He further said that PEMRA will take the necessary steps to extend the transmission of NH& MP FM-95 Radio station nationwide for Road Safety Education.
Inspector General National Highways & Motorway Police Dr. Kaleem Imam said that NH& MP is working to address the issues faced by hearing impaired people while traveling on road. In this instance, NH& MP is owing to introduce insignia for deaf and dumb, introduction of syllabus related to deaf in the driving training institutes and deployment of sign language interpreters in DLAs for the facilitation of deaf and dumb.
He further stated that with the help of Ministry of communications, NH& MP will coordinate with the international regulatory authorities and organization will be made to adopt a procedure for the issuance of driving license to the deaf and dumb.
He further said that hearing impaired persons are an important part of our society and NH&MPs mission is to resolve their road related problems with mutual understanding.
He further stated that it’s crucial to familiarize these hearing impaired persons with the working environment of NH&MP. He further said that a road safety booklet containing road safety messages in sign language is specially designed to educated them regarding road safety.
He said that these people need our attention to excel in all walks of life. DIG North Zone Abbas Ahsan, AIG Najeebur Rehman, AIG Asghar Ali, zonal commanders, sector commanders & other senior officers, People from different deaf and dumb associations and educational institutes from Rawalpindi and Islamabad participated in the Road Safety Seminar.
At the end of the Road Safety Seminar, Chairman PEMRA AbsarAlam and IG NH&MP distributed shields and gift hampers amongst the participants. Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam present a shield to chief guest Chairman PEMRA AbsarAlam.