Better preservation of Kafir Kot Fort stressed


DIKHAN: Vice Chancellor Gomal University Prof Dr Iftikhar Ahmed on Monday underlined the need for taking concrete measures to maintain and preserve the ancient Kafir kot Fort in a better manner. He expressed these views while visiting the magnificent historical place-Kafir Kot Fort at Bilot here. He said that it was a responsibility of the government to protect and upkeep ancient and historical places which were precious assets of a country. Expressing his regret at the dilapidated condition of the historical Fort, the VC said that it was very disheartening that a cement factory had been established there, which had badly undermined its importance. He said this was one of the best tourist sites of the province but unfortunately it failed to receive due attention of authorities concerned to preserve it in better shape. He said effective measures needed to be taken for protection and preservation of this historical site to attract maximum tourists from local and abroad. APP