BJP leader blames Pakistan, China for India smog, gets schooled


An Indian politician belonging to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) got schooled by a senior Chinese diplomat for blaming Pakistan and China for the smog in New Delhi and adjacent areas.
BJP’s Vineet Agarwal Sharda said that neighbouring countries might have released poisonous gases into India.
This prompted a strong response from Zhao Lijian, senior Chinese official at the foreign ministry, who called him a ‘joker’.
“What a joker! China sometimes takes the blame, but this time it took the God class blame. One may not draw such a conclusion, even if he or she thinks by the feet,” he tweeted.
“I feel that Pakistan or China are afraid of us. We must seriously consider whether Pakistan has released any poisonous gas,” Sharda had told ANI.
“Whenever Pakistan fought a war with India, it was defeated. Since PM Modi and Amit Shah came, Pakistan has become frustrated,” he alleged.
The BJP leader said the two leaders PM Modi and Amit Shah whom he referred to Lord Krishna and Arjuna from the epic Mahabharata, were capable of solving all problems.