Burning Syria


The violations of international law in Syria are nothing but hypocrisy of the civilised ones to preserve their interests, while civil lives are perishing on routine basis. In a recent attack, that is suspected a chemical one, on Douma, last rebel-controlled town in Eastern Ghouta, more than 70 people have been killed. Needless to say that the war is yet to come to an end as the land has turned into a proxy battlefield between the U.S and Russia.
In the midst of this entire power struggle to dominate the Middle East (ME), ordinary Syrians are the most affected ones. The propaganda war of the two powers against each other mars the actual picture and nature of the on-going civil war. Moreover, the lack of credible reporting on the whole Syrian affair has added to the confusion that surrounds Syria.
However, this is not the first time that reports suggest use of chemical weapons by one of the two factions engaged in on ground battle against each other. Back in 2013, a UN mission confirmed one of the two warring parties was involved in using chemical weapons. Last year a joint investigation of the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, (OPCW) held the Syrian government responsible for a Sarin attack against the opposition.
For most of the attacks of chemical nature, the Syrian government is blamed. Mere negating the blame will not exonerate the regime. The burden of proof lies with the government of Bashar-al-Assad. The government needs to counter the allegations. Failing to provide concrete evidence will make the government complicit in such attacks to silence the opposition.
The international society needs to put pressure on all the sides to refrain from launching chemical attacks. Reliance on chemical attacks goes against the norms of international law for it violates Chemical Weapons Convention, to which Syria is also a party.