Business climate in Pakistan improved: SDPI


The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) here Friday said the business climate has recently been improved in Pakistan, which was highly encouraging for domestic and foreign investors looking into prospects of long terms growth opportunities in the country.
Being a premier think-tank institute of Pakistan, SDPI’s recent research revealed that Pakistan has seen recent improvements in business climate, which is indeed encouraging not just for local but also for foreign investors looking into prospects of long term growth opportunities in the country.
According to SDPI’s press release, the institute continues to support reform efforts at federal, provincial, and local governments. Its research and policy engagement spans across three decades in areas of inclusive economic growth, trade & taxation reforms, environment, gender, energy, water, and food security.
The faculty serves as part of several boards, working groups and task forces constituted by the federal and provincial governments.
SDPI, however, revealed that barriers to growth of private enterprise could be addressed through further improvements in the regulatory environment and problems faced by existing large enterprises needs to be addressed to encourage small businesses to scale and foreign investors to enter in joint ventures.
For 2021-23, the National Network for Economic Think Tanks (NNETT) prioritized, ‘Better Business Regulatory Environment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’ as a key area of research and policy engagement.
The first public private dialogue is being organized by the network to achieve key objectives including sense making of the post COVID-19 business regulatory environment for micro, small and medium enterprises, assessing effectiveness of initiatives of the KP government for improvement in regulatory environment and what more needs to be done at a legislative, policy, and regulatory level to support resilience of the smaller enterprises in the province.
SDPI has planned a meeting on October 20 in the Institute of Management Sciences (IM Sciences), Peshawar where experts and policy makers would present valuable suggestions and recommendations to achieve the desired objectives.