CDA launched a tree planting campaign in Islamabad


In order to make the Federal Capital more green, beautiful and attractive, the tree planting campaign to be continued of the CDA Environment Department has been intensified in the monsoon on the directions of the CDA managemen
The Department of Environment is planting flowers and plants in all the highways, green belts, roadside slopes, intersections, drains and all parks of Islamabad. Duties are also distributed in relevant staff with solid plan
Tree planting in Fatima Jinnah Park, Park Enclave, Diplomatic Enclave, Srinagar Highway, 9th Avenue, 10th Avenue, 11tg Avenue, Margalla Road, Margalla Hills, National Park, Islamabad Highway, Express Highway and other areas of Islamabad.
In addition, under the special direction of the CDA administration, educational institutions in the federal capital are also being made a direct part of the tree planting campaign and free plants are being provided to students in addition to involving citizens in the tree planting campaign. In this regard, flower and plant stalls are being set up at various places in the city so that the citizens can be directly involved in the tree planting campaign.
In this regard, on Sunday, students of a private educational institution in the federal capital took part in a direct tree planting campaign to make Islamabad more beautiful and attractive, tree planting in Sector D-12, Golra Interchange, G-11 Green Belt, students of a private educational institution planted more than 10,000 saplings on Srinagar Highway with the help of CDA’s Environment Department.
In the last three days, the CDA’s Environment Department has also set up Miyawaki forests in Sector I-8, 9tg Avenue and Sector F-10 in Islamabad to keep Islamabad’s land free from encroachmen to make the environment more beautiful and attractive