Chief Engineer Communication and Works department inspected various development projects in Chitral


Our Correspondent
Chief Engineer, Communications and Works Department arrived in Chitral on a three-day visit. Chief Engineer Muhammad Uzair inspected various development projects under construction in Upper and Lower Chitral. The Chief Engineer first inspected the RCC Bridge at Ukeel for Oveer valley in Upper Chitral. It is worth to mention here that a girder of this bridge had fallen last year when it was installing on the river.
The girder was broken due to imbalance which was rebuilt by the contractor Asmar Khan at his own expense. Now this bridge is complete, only its finishing and painting is left, which is a matter of a few days, just waiting to cut the ribbon. The Chief Engineer expressed satisfaction over the quality of work.
He also inspected the Bozing road from Bonny to Turku Valley where work is delay by contractor. The Chief Engineer expressed his anger and warned the contractor Pir Mohammad to speed up the work and Build as soon as possible because the people of the area are facing a lot of difficulties. The contractor has installed only one excavator on this road which is ridiculous.
Engineer Muhammad Uzair also inspected the Category C Hospital at Booni, the headquarters of Upper Chitral District. Work on the project started in 2016 but was halted due to lack of funds. Work on the project is now in full swing and hopefully it will be completed soon. He visited a two-kilometer road in Booni Bazaar. He also inspected the remaining coal and it will be completed soon. The Chief Engineer also inspected the RCC Bridge at Istaro in Torkahu Valley, which is being worked on very slowly. He asked the contractor for the reason while the contractor assured that the work would be complete within two months.
The next day, he inspected various projects in Lower Chitral, including the Judicial Complex at Jaghor, work has been stopped for a long time due to unavailability of funds. He also visited the building under construction for Rescue 1122 at Danin and inspected the quality and speed of work. He also inspected the work of black topping at Chitral Airport on which work is in progress and soon the road up to Chew Bridge will be blacktopped.
The Chief Engineer inspected the RCC bridge at Mori, to which he expressed satisfaction that the bridge is complete, only the metal work on the approach road remains, which will be completed soon.
An RCC bridge was under construction on the Chitral River at Ayun on the road connecting Kailash Valley to Chitral. Work on the bridge started four years ago but contractor Mohammad Khan has stopped work for no reason. After inspecting the bridge, the chief engineer called the concerned contractor to explain why the work was stopped. The contractor said that the work was stopped due to lockdown. However, the chief engineer expressed his concern over and said that corona virus came this year while The work stopped two years ago. He strictly warned the contractor Mohammad Khan that the road leading to Kailash Valley was overcrowded with tourists and the old wooden bridge over the river was in a dilapidated condition and RCC bridge was acutely needed to save it. He directed that work on the bridge be started immediately otherwise legal action would be taken against him.
The Chief Engineer also inspected the RCC Bridge under construction on the river in Osik area of ?Drosh. The bridge was approved in the year 2016 but work could not started timely. After the tender, the work was taken over by the contractor Muhammad Khan, but he delayed the work for no reason, on which its security was confiscated (forfeited) and once again the tender was awarded to Asmar Khan contractor who started work..
Chitral Executive Engineer Usman Yousuf Shinwari briefed the Chief Engineer about the projects. Work on the 92-meter-long bridge began on May 20 this year and will be completed in two years. Social activists Gulzar Wali Khan, Razit Billah, Imranul Mulk and other elders from Drosh met the chief engineer and expressed satisfaction over the work and asked him that it was a very old project which had fallen into disrepair. And now there should be no further delay. On which the Chief Engineer assured that he is aware of the plight of the people of the area and will continue to work on it without delay.
Talking to our correspondent the Chief Engineer said that the main purpose of the visit was to inspect various under-construction works so that we can provide facilities to the people of Chitral. And the purpose of my visit was to serve the people and to solve issues of fund where there is a shortage. In response to a question, he said that the gardir on Ayun Bridge would be installed t till the end of November. Replying to a question, he said that now after the completion of the tunnel, I hope that now Chitral will develop very fast and officers will also come quickly and the development here will accelerate considerably.
He said that the contractor has been given two years to construct the Osek Bridge and hoped that the work would be completed within its stipulated time. He said that many roads have now been handed over to the National Highway Authority and it is hoped that they will link them with a foreign fund and build these roads soon. He expressed satisfaction over the performance of C&W Department during his three-day visit to Chitral.