China lauds positive role of Pakistani media


Director China RadioInternational (CRI) Zhao Qiao has appreciated positiverole of Pakistani media for promoting Pak-Chinarelationship, particularly in the context ofChina-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Belt and RoadInitiative (BRI).
In an interview, Miss Zhao Qiao who is also Director ofSouth Asia Center said the Pakistani media is makingvaluable contribution in keeping the people well aware ofthe long-term advantages of the CPEC and the BRI.
Theseinitiatives are going to leave very positive impact onthe socio-economic life of the people, she added.
About the CRI, she it was presenting news and differentprograms in Urdu language for Pakistani listeners to givethem maximum Information regarding China. CRI hastranslated popular Chinese TV serial ‘Beijing Youth’ inUrdu language, that gives a good message to the people ofPakistan.
Eulogizing the depth and warmness of the Sino–Pak ties,Miss Zhao remarked a very positive image regardingPakistan existed in Chinese society and at nationallevel. Pakistan is considered as China’s best friendworld over.
About the CPEC, she further said, it has massivepotential for the two countries and it will furtherconsolidate Pakistan’s natural link with China in amassive way,’ she added.
“CPEC is a very important project and it would play animportant role in bringing prosperity and socio-economicdevelopment in the entire region”,she added.
She emphasized that it is imperative for both countriesto enhance news exchange programs in order to promote andunderstanding in culture, education and in other fieldsof bilateral interest.
She said that journalists from both countries should playtheir due role for countering the negative propagandaagainst CPEC.
She noted that CRI had signed an bilateral agreement withIndependent News Pakistan (INP) that proved very fruitfulin projecting the two countries in a positive way.