Committee on IT met


Islamabad(PR): The 22nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication was held under the Chairmanship of Capt. (Retd) Muhammad Safdar, MNA.
The Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunication briefed regarding taxation on Telecom Sector and proposal. The Minister of State stated that the Companies including the telecommunication Companies had to file their annual income tax return declaring their net income/receipt. The rate of income tax applicable for Corporate Sector is 32% for tax year 2016, 31% for tax year 2017 and 30% for tax year 2018.
She informed that Telecom Sector is one of the highest with holding agent on behalf of Federal Government and collect With Holding Tax @14% from Customer at the time of recharge of scratch card or easy load.
At present certain legal issues arising from income tax assessment of Telecom Sector are pending with Supreme Court. She further described that Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication had decided that a five hundred beds hospital will be constructed at Telephone Industries of Pakistan (TIP) to provide medical treatment facilities/incentives for the workers/labours of the TIP.
The Committee further recommended that all Cellular Companies may develop and to provide all necessary facilities to the respective areas where service of Cellular Companies are available.
The Hon. MNAs/Member Major (Retd) Tahir Iqbal, Ms. Shazia Mubashar, Ms. Farhana Qamar, Ms. Shazia Marri attended the meeting besides the Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication and the Chairman PTA along with their staff.