Despite Rs1.30bn allocation, only 16 tube-wells, 3 water filtration plants functioning properly


Despite allocation of Rs 1.30 billion for provision of clean drinking water to 0.8 million residents, Capital Development Authority (CDA) was unable to supply water as sixteen out of seventy three tube-wells were functioning smoothly.
Sources told the due to negligence of the concerned authorities, almost fifty seven tube-wells were not functioning. These tube-wells were not operating since long and the residents lodged various complaints to the concerned directorate but no practical step was taken, in this regard.
Residents are facing acute water shortage due to insufficient water supply by the Capital Development Authority. One million gallon water being supplied from Simli and Khanpur dam was being theft while 500 gallons being wasted due to slackness of the authorities concerned.
Likewise this, only three filtration plants out of fourteen were not working smoothly while remaining were out of order. The said water filtration plants were not functioning since many years and residents of many areas were looking for sip of drinking water.
Sources told that over 2000 daily wage employees were not paid them wages for the last four months. CDA has asked Cabinet Division to provide it Rs 3 billion for payment to daily wagers but despite passage of over two months neither the federation replied nor budget could be approved. On the other hand, thousands complaints were being lodged by the residents to CDA water supply directorate and citizens were compelled to pay what tankers’ mafia demand from them.
The agony was that CDA inspite of removing faults from filtration plants, disappeared the machinery. Water filtration plants installed with billions of rupees have become rusty. Residents further complained that water supply to entire sector is halted if any citizen lodges complaint.