Elders seek resolution of land dispute between Khuga Khel and Ash Khel tribes


Elders of Ash Khel offered that they are willing to resolve a land dispute, arose between Khuga Khel and Ash Khel tribes peacefully.
Addressing to a press conference here in Landi Kotal press club on Wednesday Ash Khel tribes elites including Santraj,Millat Khan,Barat Shah,Wali Khan and others said that although their elders have already made land demarcation with Khuga Khel tribes and they have written proof of it. However they are still ready to resolve the land issue with the representative committee of Khuga Khel anytime and anywhere.
Mukhtar Khel elites also have knowledge of demarcation between the two sub-tribes of Shinwari therefore their services can also be sought in deciding the land quarrel, they remarked.
They offered that the residents of Ash Khel are ready to give some of their own share of land for the solution of the long lasting dispute between Ash Khel and Khuga Khel.
They urged the elders of both the sub-tribe to play their due role and utilize all available options to decide the property with mutual consent.