Kashmir issue
Our Correspondent
Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party, Muhammad Faiq Shah urged the PM Khan to make demand for constitution of an impartial commission comprising on UN and human rights organisations on Kashmir issue during his upcoming address to meeting of UN General Assembly.
He added the Indian government and its troops are murderers of the innocent Kashmiries as shocking/inhuman incidents and martyrdom of Kashmiries occurred every day.
The ATP chairman said the unprecedented brutality and atrocities have snatched right to live from people of Kashmir, adding that rape of women and children physically impairing by using bellets guns in Indian Illegal Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). For the last one year, he observed the Kashmiris have besieged the castle, whereas fundamental rights and facilities, including media, internet service and right to expression have been unavailable and completely banned.
But, he said the international human rights watchdogs kept mysterious silence over the growing HR violations in the held Kashmir. He urged the UN, OIC and other international organsiations to play their proactive role in amicable resolution of the Kashmir issue.
While strongly reacting to the rampant increase in incidents of women rape, child sexual abuse and crimes in Punjab, Faiq Shah said that the lawlessness and maladministration had taken their tool in the Punjab.
“Justice has not been delivered in the era of Insafian (who fight for justice), while in regime of ‘Sharifian’, the nobility and honor had humiliated, and the both will be faced quercitannic, severe punishment for their wrongdoing, the ATP chief said, adding that the police stations have been converted into point of bullying, raping and drug peddlers.
“If we talk about Gujarwala or motorway gang-rape incident, the both are slapped on the face of justice”, Faiq Shah said. He urged the IGP Punjab, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar should immediately mitigate the torment of the affected people/families, otherwise his party will strongly protest against it.