Fake news


How embarrassing for India as a nation that its mainstream media has been caught with its pants down once again; trying to spread fake news and rumours about Pakistan’s alleged involvement in the Afghan war as the Taliban cleared the last opposition stronghold of Panjsher in the north, only to be embarrassed by the international community and become the laughing stock of the world. The showed old footage of a US F-16 flying in the UK, a video of a crashed plane from 2018 and even footage from a video game to try and prove that the Pakistani air force was assisting the Taliban in overrunning the last resistance stronghold in the country.
Almost instantly all such nonsense was on almost all their channels, with each trying to outdo the other in calling Pakistan out. But then came the barrage of international criticism that left the Indian media, as well as its civil society, pretty much speechless. The fact is that the entire Indian establishment has been badly unhinged ever since the Taliban rolled back into Kabul, because its leverage with the Ghani administration as well as the now former Afghan intelligence service NDS (National Directorate of Security) suddenly vanished and its investment of two decades, propping up and arming militias for terrorist activity inside Pakistan, evaporated along with it. So now it’s bending over backwards, and paying second rate TV channels, to paint Pakistan in a bad light regarding all the upheaval in Afghanistan.
Such tricks are not new and even though much of the international media has spoken out this time, it’s a shame that international capitals continue to stay mum about these things. They are still too captivated by the pull of its lucrative market to give its human rights abuses in Kashmir, or its blatant anti-Pakistan propaganda, due thought in light of international law. Pakistan, for its part, has consistently done the right thing by showing evidence of India’s excesses to the whole world and other than that just minding its own business. Each time, though, India sinks to a new low. Last time it invented a fairy tale about bombing some training site in Pakistani territory and allegedly killing 300 or so people; neither of which turned out to be true. Now it’s spun a story about Pakistani jets doing the work of the Taliban. At this rate it’s a surprise that it has any credibility left in the world.