Family protests over Zeeshan’s killing in alleged encounter


KARACHI (INP): The alleged police encounter of Zeesgab got controversial on Saturday night as the family protested outside the Mominabad police station and chanted slogans against police.
Police had claimed that they killed Zeeshan in an encounter on previous day and injured his two companions. But the family claimed that it was a fake encounter.
The mother and sister of Zeeshan asked that how was Zeeshan killed while he was in the custody of police. They said that they would protest until they get justice.
Meanwhile at least three members of a notorious gang were apprehended by police in Mauripur area.
The arrested criminals included Rashid Khan, Zahid Khan and Rehan Khan. The gang members confessed to have been involved in 10 to 12 offences on daily basis.
The criminals also revealed that they bought pistols worth Rupees 5 thousand from Korangi area and sold the snatched mobiles in the market.
In addition, a shotgun, two pistols and the snatched mobiles have been recovered from criminal’s possession while one of the accomplice also succeeded to get away.