Foreign diplomats at LoC


Pakistan has done the right thing by taking a team of visiting diplomats to the Line of Control (LoC) to show them first hand just what damage unwarranted Indian shelling is doing to the lives of civilians in the area. This is the kind of thing that the Indian government would never do simply because it would expose all the harsh measures it employs on the side of the valley that it has occupied with force. Now each one of the ambassadors, defence attaches, and representatives of various international organisations will go back to their countries and speak of what they have seen for themselves. It was also a very good idea to make the visitors interact with the residents of affected areas. Pakistan’s claim, that the Indian side deliberately targets civilians while the Pakistani army only targets military sites, will no longer be dismissed as propaganda.
This, quite really, is the best Pakistan can do in the present setting. As the 75th anniversary session of the United Nations (UN) is going on, there is an increased need to sound the alarm about all that has been going on in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOC), especially since 5 August 2019. The anniversary is also a stark reminder of just how the UN has singularly failed to get the Kashmiris their rights. Clearly the lure of India’s significant market is too much for the world’s major powers to ignore, and they have no qualms about sidelining anything that would upset the sensitivities of New Delhi.
It is important to understand that no matter how different governments sabotage any UN-mandated efforts aimed at the right of self-determination for Kashmiris, making the rest of the world see the reality of the occupation in the valley is very important to build the critical mass needed for this issue to truly explode on the world consciousness. And, with time, people will begin to ask questions that New Delhi will no doubt find awkward. Already India can no longer justify its extreme steps as necessary to control militancy in the region, because the present generation of Kashmiris that the Indian government has blinded with pellet guns and kept locked up in their homes for more than a year has nothing to do with militants or militancy. Islamabad must now follow this step with more of the same.