Former President was symbolof integrity, simplicity: Ambassador Manzoor


Former Ambassador Manzoorul Haq here Monday paid rich tributes to former President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain and termed him a man of high integrity, honesty and simplicity that were hallmark of his superior personality.
“A person can be judged when power or authority comes in his hands and starts serve his countrymen irrespective of his personal likes and dislikes besides take decisions strictly on merit, observe simplicity and integrity,” he said, adding former President Mamnoon Hussain was a superior personality, symbol of integrity and simplicity despite enjoying the powers of President of Pakistan,” he told APP.
“I had got a golden opportunity to welcome and spent time with President Mamnoon Hussain when he came to Saudi Arabia for performance of Umra continued for almost four decades and every year during his tenure as President of Pakistan,” Manzoorul Haq who served Pakistan’s ambassador at Saudi Arabia told APP.
Former President Mamnoon Hussain passed away at a private hospital in Karachi on July 14, 2021. He was 80.
Ambassador Manzoor said, “Pakistan’s Embassy’s engagements at Riyadh increases manifold during the visit of VIP guest especially the Head of Govt or State. Whenever President Mamnoon Hussain came to Saudi Arabia met with us like an elder of a family meeting with his children with an immense love, affection, politeness and extraordinary care,” he said.
“Mamnoon Sahib felt great pleasure when met with old friends, relatives and acquaintances in the holy land and exchanged views in a very pleasant mood,” he said, adding he cared for his friends and relatives as there was no difference in his approach before and after becoming the President of Pakistan. Ambassador Manzoor said he became very happy when met with a passerby even on his way and shake hands with every Pakistanis besides paid respect to them during his visit to KSA.
He said President Manoon Hussain felt proud of being a businessman and often talked about his past business experiences and political life. “One Day we were in Jeddah where he narrated the whole story from becoming the Governor Sindh to President of Pakistan. He recalled that President Mamnoon has said that he had neither made political maneuvering nor involved in legs pulling to achieve these highest offices and accepted everything with patience and thanks of Allah Almighty and did not make regret on things he can’t get or achieved.
Looking like a straightforward person, he said, Mamnoon Hussain was an intellectual and accepted the request of a journalist who met with him at Makkah Mukarrama requesting for interview for Urdu News Jaddah daily.
“We proposed to ask journalist about topics of questions and procedure of interview so that necessary preparations could be made but the President replied, “Don’t worry. Let journalist come and ask questions, I will give detailed answers.”
He said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoyed brotherly and time-tested bilateral relations and every spoken word of the President was very important at that time because of the Yaman issue as Pakistan had decided to remain impartial.
Ambassador Manzoor said the President had given detailed answers to every question asked by the journalist with a high level of maturity and wisdom like a seasoned diplomat. Manzoor said that President Mamnoon Hussain was the real face of Pakistan and his services for the country besides his love and affection for his family would be remembered for long.