Govt to provide health, education facilities at all Afghan camps


Peace in Pakistan interlinked with peace in Afghanistan: Shahryar Afridi
Federal Minister for SAFRON and Narcotics Control Shehryar Khan Afridi has said that Pakistan would ensure provision of health and education facilities at all Afghan camps and settlements in across country and the government was in touch with the UNHCR and other donor agencies for the purpose.
Addressing a huge gathering of Afghan refugees in Karachi on Sunday, Shehryar Khan Afridi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had pledged never to bow down to any power but Allah Almighty and we will take all decisions without taking orders from any world power.
He said that Afghan refugees would be treated with utmost respect and they would be provided all possible facilities at Afghan camps.
The Minister said Afghanistan was a brotherly neighbour to Pakistan. He said Pakistan had provided scholarships to 50,000 students besides facility of mother and child care.
He said that the UNHCR facilities would be provided at all Afghan refugees camps.
Shahryar Afridi said that Pakistan provides visa to 60,000 Visa to Afghans every month without charging even a single penny. He said that on the other hand, India was conspiring against Pakistan and some misguided Afghans were playing in Indian hands.
He said that Pakistan is emerging as a leader in the region and all Muslim states of the region would stand united against all odds.
Afridi said that peace in Pakistan was interlinked with peace in Afghanistan and that’s why Pakistan government was making utmost efforts for Afghan peace process.
Haji Abdullah Bukhari, Chairman Afghan Refugees Karachi welcomed the minister and expressed gratitude to the government of Pakistan for sustained support to Afghan refugees.
He said it was for the first time that a minister had visited the refugees in Karachi. He said that around 5500 families of Afghan refugees were living in the refugee settlement at Super Highway and there was a need for improved facilities of education and health.
He said over 500,000 refugees were living in Sindh Province and there was a need to register these Afghan refugees.
Haji Abdullah Bukhari said renewal of driving licenses was a major problem for the labourers. He appreciated the minister’s role in bridging misunderstandings between Kabul and Islamabad.
He said it was for the first time that a minister had played a role in cementing Pakistan, Afghan bilateral relations.
Maulana Rehmatullah said that all the Afghan migrants had special love for Shehryar Afridi who had for the first time played a role in understanding the problems of refugees and has taken practical steps and ensured provision of facilities in refugee camps and settlements.