IJT demands bailout package for KP’s varsities


PESHAWAR: The head of the students wing Islamic Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) University of Peshawar (UoP) has expressed concern over the looming financial crisis of the university and demands from the government to grant an annual bail-out package. Shafiqul-ur-Rehman, Nazim that universities were on the verge of collapse due to the government’s inattention, adding that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government, which claims an educational emergency, has been slashing the budget of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for the past two years, leaving universities unable to pay salaries to employees. Despite this, the government is not announcing a package for these universities, he added. Shafiqu said that the provincial government has announced a package for every department but has not yet announced a package for the education sector. He demanded the government to announce an immediate bailout package to eliminate the university deficit to keep the educational and research activities from further intact. DLP Report