Imran’s plans for a post-JIT Pak?


If no one puts Asif Ali Zardari in the corner — no one throws shade at Imran Khan’s spotlight. The PTI chief, who time and again has promised us a tsunami of change, now suggests nothing of the sort. On the contrary, his warning to the JIT to refrain from issuing the PM a “clean chit” once the probe into the family’s financial dealings is concluded, suggests that he is cut from the same cloth as those against whom he dreams of revolting. For bluntly put, Mr Khan appears to be edging dangerously close to the point of contempt for due process.
All political parties should await the judgement as silently and patiently as possible. Instead, by issuing statements aimed undermining the credibility of the potential verdict — and thus the entire process itself -they are playing a very dangerous game in terms of Pakistan’s long-term democratic heath. This can’t go on. The Supreme Court should take note of this politicking intended at influencing the JIT verdict.
PM Nawaz Sharif has thus far been unable to prove his innocence. But is, nevertheless, entitled to a free and fair trial. Yet he himself is severely compromising this. His recent comments about how a decision against him would be unacceptable to his party smacks of a hubris that falsely places the ruling PMLN above and beyond the jurisdiction of the top court in the land.