India virtually imposed war on Pakistan, Kashmir: AJK president


India wants to play a policeman’s role in the region: Sardar Masood
our correspondent
The AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan has said that India has virtually started war, and now we are in a state of a potential long war which may have horrible impacts on the whole region. “Amidst latest round of Indian repression, mass influx of civilian population and refugees from occupied Kashmir cannot be ruled out, and we will have to prepare ourselves to tackle the situation,” he added.
While addressing a think tank conference on the future Kashmir held here under the auspices of Center for Aerospace and Security Studies, he said that the Indian rulers had been toeing a well thought out strategy under which they have declared their own Muslim citizens, Pakistan and the Kashmiri people as their enemies, and have started taking actions against them.
“India after becoming a big economic and military power, wants to play a policeman’s role in the region, but it considers Pakistan a hurdle in the way of its designs, and as such it wants to destabilize Pakistan at all costs,” he added.
Touching upon the action of August 5, the AJK president said that this was a systematic attack by India against Pakistan and the Kashmiri people, which was designed to end the Kashmir issue by force, and to silence the voice of Kashmiri people once and for all.
However, this action has proved counterproductive, and it had not only united the Kashmiris but also awakened the international community to a great extent.
He said that this was a separate issue that the influential countries instead of seeing Kashmir issue as a potential human tragedy, are upholding their economic and political interests which itself is a grave tragedy.
The AJK president said that the UN Security Council meeting on Kashmir after 50 long years and constant publicity of the narrative of Kashmiri people on the international media is a great achievement.
“Pakistan with the support of its friendly countries, will have to enhance its pressure on the Security Council to frequently hold its meetings, and compel India to reverse its recent actions, and implement the UN resolutions on Kashmir,” he said adding that Pakistan will also have to set its long term and short-term targets, and will have to make efforts to achieve these targets.
Sardar Masood Khan said that we must not fall in the trap of bilateral talks, but we should muster support from the international community, and try to resolve Kashmir issue within the UN framework.
Meanwhile, the AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has expressed deep sense of shock and grief over the death of daughter of Additional Secretary General Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Sajid Malik Advocate, and has expressed sympathy with the bereaved family.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, He prayed to Almighty Allah to grant highest grades to the departed soul.