Industrial effluents make Keanjhar water contamitous


Chemical mixed toxic effluents of Nooriabad and Kotri industrial areas is spediatly entering into historical lake of south Asia Keanjhar and making the water of the lake contaminatious and same time leading to displacement of fishermen families to move other places, who were making meal of families from the last centuries. The area men said to this correspondent.
The lake famous by poet and renowned saint of heartland ,Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai who composed a part of his poetry at romantic fiction of Noori Jam Tamachi and showed tendency of king Jam Tamachi the king of the then time towards fishermen and personally fishing along with his beloved wife Noori ,who was a also belonging to fishermen family.
The lake is owned to several department like irrigation , fisheries, wildlife, tourism, co-operation and severage department but no one department has properly owned the lake to reduce issues of tourists and ensure wearing of life saving jackets during boating, or crub the effluents from pouring in the lake by KB feeder or said effuelent being poured by few rainy drains and stop toxic effluents of industrial plants establish at Kotri and Nooriabad and enssure release of sufficient water that has caused low production capacity but has caused rapidly poisonous substances entering into the lake as well as the KB feeder upper.
The lake is sources of over 50,000 human population of over 40 villages has also been adversely affected of the mentioned situation. while contacting this correspondent residents of Keanjher Lake and leaders of Sindh fisher forum including Adam Gandro, Mohammed Hashim Solangi, Mohammed Somar, Abdul Hakim Gandro, Abdul Hameed palari and others have said that the lake has started losing its beauty and thousands of fishermen have migrate because of fish lack to Sanghar, Badin Zero Point, Ibrahim Haidari ,Balochistan and other water areas of Punjab to create livelihoods.