Info minister demands probe into alleged offer of money to Judge Arshad Malik


Provincial Minister for Information Shaukat Ali Yousafzai has demanded probe into alleged offer of money to Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik in the Nawaz Sharif case and said that accountability process would continue uninterrupted in the country come what may.
In a statement here Monday, the KP info minister said that it should also be probed as to who made offer to Judge Arshad Malik and the fake audio and video post put viral on the social media. The accountability judge has accepted that he has been offered money therefore now it was must to investigate this disclosure made by the judge, he added.
He wondered as to why there was so silence after the accountability judge declared that the video and audio being attributed to him as fail and false. He said that PMLN was expert in making fabricating cases against the judiciary and offering handsome bribe to the judges.
He maintained that lot of things are being said about the audio and video post put on viral by Maryam Nawaz but nothing is being said about the bribe offered to the judge.
Shaukat Yousafzai said that now time has come to take the politics of audio and video to its logical end. He alleged that PMLN is a group of corrupt mafia which in the past also made the institutions corrupt through their coercive measures.
Maryam Safdar and PMLN are trying to defame the judiciary and they have done the same in the past as well. Maryam Safdar was engaged in ‘Abu Bachao Tehreek,’ stopping the process of accountability and making the institutional controversial.
The information minister maintained the institutions would be strengthened to the level to make it services oriented in true manner.

Those plundered national wealth would have to pay each penny to the government and will be hold accountable for their misdeed.