Iran summons Swiss diplomat to lodge protest


The charge d’affairs of Switzerland as the representative of US interests, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran over the developments in Iraq, and the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly protested the US officials’ bellicose statements and violations of the UN Charter.
Deputy Foreign Minister, Mohsen Baharvand at the summoning of the Swiss diplomat, called on the US interests representative to send them the message that in addition to Iran’s protest to the United States, the message is that Iraq is an independent state and that the Iraqi people are freedom-loving, independent, noble and honorable people.
The US military has martyred at least five Iraqi youths and injured countless others without providing the slightest evidence of their guilt. Naturally, the Iraqi people respond to the country that occupies their land and kills their youth. The Americans have even bombed two points in Syria at the same time, indicating that they are pursuing other goals and are excusing them.

The American authorities should give up the crime and not accuse our country (Iran) with no reason.

He was reminded that Iran is not a war-ridden country, but if it is threatened with any unreasonable action, defends itself with all its might. The US government must learn how to talk to other nations and stop occupation and blaming others.=DNA