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Legendary and former World No 1 Jansher Khan thanked his fans and well-wishers for their prayers during his two back spinal stenosis lower and upper operation in Shifa International Hospital Islamabad.
“I’m grateful to all my fans and well-wishers for their prayers during my operation and that is why Almighty Allah gives me strength to have a successful operation. The government of Pakistan has honored Jansher Khan with two civil awards “Sitara Imtiaz and Hilal Imtiaz” for being World No. 1 for 10 consecutive years, and had performed two back spinal stenosis lower and upper operations from Shifa International Hospital.
After the successful operation, Jansher Khan thanked the doctor and the hospital who made his operation a success with their hard work and dedication.
Jansher Khan, remained unbeaten in his 99 international matches, also thanked the nation, relatives and friends who sent special prayers and messages to him during his treatment.
Explaining the reason for undergoing such a major operation, Jansher Khan said that for almost a year, I have been suffering from severe back pain while praying, walking and playing squash but I had the ability and endurance to control that pain.
He disclosed that after some time the pain went down in the lower legs and the doctors advised the operation as soon as possible that is why, I had to follow the advice of the doctors that led to the successful operation.
He said, if not following the advice of the doctors and avoiding operation it might lead to more serious problems including difficulties in walking, back pain and pain in lower legs.
He said, we have very capable and good doctors in Pakistan due to which he prefers to get his treatment in the country. “I am feeling very happy and healthy,” Jansher Khan, said, adding, “It was a matter of pride for me to make Pakistan famous in the field of squash for 10 long years.”
“Living at No. 1 for 10-years and working hard day and night to make record titles. I could not care about my health full time and treatment which caused me to have knees and back problems. I would advise today’s young players that along with their hard training they must take special care of their knees and back and treat minor ailments in a timely manner to avoid serious problems in future,” he concluded.