JI calls for allocation of funds in budget to Madaris


The Jamaat-e-Islami Emir, Senator Sirajul Haq, has called for the allocation of educational funds in the annual budget to the Madaris as well along with universities and colleges.
The rulers, he said, while addressing the students of Darul Uloom Mansoora here on Thursday, were bent upon taking full control of the institutions of Islamic education on the dictation of the IMF and western powers. To achieve the purpose, he added, the ministers were issuing poisonous statements against Madaris on daily basis.
He advised the rulers to avoid attacking the seminaries which were providing free of cost education, food and shelter to over 3.5 million students and acting as a biggest NGO in the country.
He demanded the government fulfill its promise of equal curriculum across the country and generously allocate funds for the religious seminaries.
The JI chief said that the prime minister was only making emotional statements and hollow claims practically handing over the control of the government to mafias and international lending agencies. The ground situation about inflation, he said, was also contrary to the prime minister claim that prices of essential commodities witnessed a sharp decline in past few weeks.
He urged the government to get rid of the interest based economy if it was interested in the betterment of the masses and put the country on the path of the development. People of Pakistan, he said, were seemed more worried about the inflation and unemployment than that of spread of coronavirus.
Senator Siraj said religious scholars must play their role to turn the country into an Islamic welfare state and guiding and uniting the nation. He also urged them to highlight in their sermons the evils of corruption in the society.
JI leader Maulana Abdul Malik, Hafiz Idrees and Hafiz Sajid Anwar also addressed on occasion.