Kashmiris steadfast in the face of Indian aggression: President AJK


Children are being made orphans and women widows, houses are being destroyed and a reign of terror stalks the entire territory: Masood Khan
Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir while addressing a press conference with a British parliamentary delegation said that the Kashmiris will continue their struggle for freedom and would never surrender the right to self-determination despite the atrocities of the Indian occupation forces. Kashmiris will remain steadfast in their resolve in the face of the war imposed on them by the Indian government.
The press conference was also addressed by Lord Nazir Ahmad and Ms. Ishrat Naz Shah, Mayor of Slough.
Sardar Masood Khan strongly condemned the spate of recent killings in which innocent Kashmiri youth had been wantonly targeted and mowed down and hundreds were injured.
President Masood Khan said that exactly one year ago on 9th April, 8 Kashmiris were killed in Budgam District and over 100 were seriously injured. He said that such killings are a norm and India must be held accountable for these war crimes.
“In Kashmir, the blood of youth and children is spilt, children are being made orphans and women widows, houses are being destroyed and a reign of terror stalks the entire territory. Enough is enough; This must come to an end”
President Masood Khan cited a news report from the KMS reporting US-based Global Journal of Medical Research stated that since 2016 Indian forces have blinded 1314 people in Indian Occupied Kashmir by pellet guns and the use of these guns had also caused deaths.
The President said that the Indian forces and violent extremists were forcing peaceful Kashmiri youth to militancy. The Kashmiris are not even allowed to defend themselves, he said.
The President called on the United Kingdom as the permeant member of the Security to raise the issue in the council chambers and send a fact-finding mission to IOK to impartially investigate the massive killings of Kashmiris under the cover of the draconian laws such as Armed Forces Special Powers Act and the Public Safety Act.
President AJK said that the UN Secretary General must use his good offices to bring India to the dialogue table. The President asked why India would concur if it is the proven criminal, terrorist and the wrongdoer. These talks should be unconditional, and he must not wait for India’s consensus.
Lord Nazir said that UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan reports may be made public as the situation in IOK is condemnable. He said that under the patronage of the Indian government, the Indian occupation forces and Hindutva elements are busy in committing human right violations. He added that in a coordinated manner on the eve of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit, we will raise the issue of Kashmir in the UK in a peaceful manner creating awareness on this pertinent issue.
The President said that the civilians living across the LoC will be given the best possibilities medical facilities along with other amenities. He said special focus is being given to the infrastructure in these areas and bunkers will be built for the protection of the civilians.
President Azad Kashmir said that when it comes to issue of Kashmir, all political parties and the people of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan stand united and support the Kashmiris unarmed freedom movement.