Key member of telephone banking fraud arrested


Gujranwala: A member of fraud gang who looted money from bank accounts by gathering information through telephone has been arrested in Hafizabad. IG official said that this gang has looted millions of rupees from more than 60 bank accounts by gathering accounts details of accountholders through fake calls/ telephone in Gujranwala range. According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), on the information obtained from arrested Shafiq during investigation, Suspect indentified as Shabir involved in bank frauds was arrested from Hafizabad. Assistant Director FIA Asif Iqbal has said that suspect Shafiq was arrested while withdraw ling money from bank and who gave us important information about inter-provincial gang. According to Asif Iqbal, during 3months million of rupees were withdrawan from bank accounts and the victims include lawyers, police officers and professors too. The suspects’ withdrew l money from almost 60 citizen’s accounts in Gujranwala Range while transfer of 0.5 million rupees were made through account of Allah Yar resident of Attock. Online