Khudai Khedmatgar demands relief for rain affectees


District Salaar of Khudai Khedmatgar organization demanded of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) administration, parliamentarians and other philanthropist’ bodies to adopt necessary initiatives to provide relief to the rain affected people in Khyber.
Addressing to a press conference in Landi Kotal press club district Khyber on Saturday, Khudai Khedmatgar district Salaar Fazal Rehman Afridi said that hundreds of thousands tribesmen had suffered in the torrential downpour but ironically PDMA and administrative officials beside parliamentarians and philanthropist organizations had turned blind eyes towards them that was injustice to the poor masses.
He maintained that they had alerted Khudai Khedmatgar volunteers in Khyber to facilitate the needy ones although in limited sources they could not carry out a comprehensive campaign to work for the relief of rain affectees.
Flanked by the organization workers, Afridi also criticized the Frontier Work Organization (FWO) for ignoring building of bridges over the spillways at Pak-Afghan highway during its construction that suspended traffic due to flood flashes that need to be built.
He demanded of the provincial government to forthwith chalk out relief plan for the natural disaster affectees especially to the laymen of the tehsil Landi Kotal who suffered a lot and provide them tents and other commodities in that time of need.