KP lawyers welcome passage of anti rape bill


PESHAWAR: The lawyers of Khyber Pakthunkhwa hereSaturday welcomed the passing of two significant pro-women legislations, anti honour killings and anti rape bills by the joint sitting of the Parliament unanimously and termed it very important laws to safeguard the rights of women folk in the country.
Senior lawyer and constitutional expert, Alamzaib Khan advocate told Associated Press of Pakistan the government and opposition deserved full credit and appreciations for unanimously approval of these two important pro-women legislations that would help provide protection to women folk in the society.
The legislation on honour killings was the need of the hour and will introduce strict punishment for the convicts making it tougher than ordinary murder cases, he said, adding the convicts could be imprisoned up to life term in honour killing cases.
Under the new law, he said, relatives of the victims would only be able to pardon the killer if he is sentenced to capital punishment. However, the culprit would still face a mandatory life sentence of twelve and half years if proved guilty by the court of law in the offense.
The noted lawyer said honour killing was one of the most critical problems of our country and with passage of this anti honour bill by the joint setting parliament reflected that the Government was determined to adopt all possible ways to remove this stain from the society.
Alamzaib Khan said women were the most essential part of our society and play key role in development of Pakistan. He said these two bills would ensure empowerment; protection and emancipation of women to further contribute towards progress and development of our country.
Senior lawyer Astaghfirullah Khan who served as General Secretary Peshawar High Court Bar Association appreciated the passing of these two pro women bills and termed it very positive legislations that would provide sense of security to women folk especially in work place.
The anti rape bill would prove to be a very effective legislation in curbing rape cases in the country, he said, adding under the new law, verdicts in rape cases would have to be given within three months, with right to appeal in six months and the culprits would be imprisoned by 25 years.
He said rape of minors, as well as the mentally and physically ill, has also become punishable. He said honour killings and rape cases are now well defined crimes with adaptation of these bills and the convicts would spend almost the whole life under the bars.
The senior lawyer said these laws would help ensure respect for human rights of women and fundamental freedoms besides eliminating all forms of discrimination and violence against them.
The ex-Peshawar High Court Bar Association General Secretary congratulated the Parliament, Government, opposition, civil society organizations, legal fretarnity and entire nation on unanimous passage of these two important legislations. He said these bills would enhance the soft image of the country as well.
He emphasized the need for speedy implementation of these two legislations in letter and spirit in order to provide speedy justice to the victims.