Local bodies representatives are waiting for Mann-0-Salwa (Manna and Quail): SC


Chief Justice of Pakistan (C JP) Gulzar Ahmed has remarked the local bodies were restored all over the country under the Supreme Court (SC) orders and the local bodies representatives are waiting for Man-o-Salwa (Manna and Quail).

When they don’t know about their responsibilities then why do they all not sit in their homes, CJP further observed.

The contempt of court pleas filed by Mayor Rawalpindi and others against Punjab government in the case of restoration of local government system came up for hearing before a two members bench of SC presided over by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed here Friday.
The counsel for petitioner took the plea during the hearing of the case that SC issued orders on March 25, 2021 for restoration of local government system. In Punjab the local government system was not restored despite SC orders. When local bodies representatives went to offices they were expelled and the offices were locked up.

CJP inquired on the occasion “secretary local government should tell what proceedings has been initiated so far by the government.

Secretary local government Punjab Noor ul Amin requested the court to allow him to engage lawyer.

The CJP while expressing annoyance over it remarked “Your are secretary local government and you don’t know anything. Have you come to the court for recreation. You will be sent to jail direct from the court. What kind of secretary he is. The term of local government will expire till December. The elected representatives of Local government have done what job so far
He further observed the elected representatives don’t want to do the work. Go and see in the word how do the local bodies work. Had they wanted to do their work, they would have done it while sitting on roads.

The CJP remarked “ the local government system was restored all over the country under the orders of SC. The representatives of local government are waiting for Manno-Salwa (Manna and Quail). Why they don’t know about their responsibilities then why do they not sit in their homes.

He inquired where is Lahore mayor.

Mayor Lahore Mubashar Javed came on the rostrum and told the court “ we organized the meetings on roads under court’s orders. The meeting and work of the local bodies representatives were shown in media. Nothing is being done by the Punjab government for our facilitation. We have not even a sanitary worker with us. How can we work.

The CJP while addressing Mayor Lahore remarked “ tell us names of those who locked up the offices. Local bodies representatives want they should be given staff and money to do work. The local bodies representatives have no spirit to work.

The court issued notice to chief secretary Punjab and directed the former chief secretary Punjab Javed Rafiq to appear in person before it on next hearing.

The court while giving time to secretary local government to hire the services of lawyer adjourned the hearing of the case till October 20.