Maj. General Ihsan Ullah Khan lauds PDF for its humanitarian services


our correspondent
A three-member team of Pakistan Development Foundation (PDF) led by the Chairman, Muhammad Bilal Sethi met Logistics Area Commander Major General Muhammad Ihsan Ullah Khan, Hilal-e-Imtiaz (M) at his office here in Peshawar.
Speaking to General Ihsan, Bilal Sethi, the Chairman PDF, said that their mission is to educate the underprivileged, enabling them towards becoming responsible citizens of tomorrow. He said that PDF has educated thousands of students and initiated number of training programs both for teachers and faculty, owing to bringing reforms in education.
He further informed the Commander that the foundation is starting Adult Literacy Program, a 40 day course that will educate mature people. He said that the purpose of this program is to enable uneducated parents toward bringing up their children rightly and understand the importance of education. He also highlighted that such a step was taken for the first time in K-P.
He elaborated that PDF is also working on instilling literary taste in the youth mindset to revive reading-writing culture and establish an integrated and peaceful society.
The Logistics Commander, Maj. Gen. Ihsanullah lauded the efforts of the foundation and announced to support the cause in future. He said that PDF has targeted the right discipline. In order to bring a change, we have to educate our people. He said that youth is playing its role for the betterment of Pakistan quite effectively.
He advised the team of PDF to keep providing mentorship to the youth. He also appreciated the scholarship policy and said that it had inspired him. At the end, the PDF Chairman, Muhammad Bilal Sethi presented foundation’s souvenir to Major General Muhammad Ihsan Ullah.