Maryam Nawaz returns to Pakistan today to ‘reorganise’ PML-N


PML-N senior vice president Maryam Nawaz will return to Pakistan today (Saturday) to begin the “reorganisation of the party”, according to party spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb.

She had left Pakistan for London in October last year, just a day after her passport was returned to her. At the time, she said she was “eager” to meet her father Nawaz, whom she hadn’t met since 2019.

In a tweet today, Aurangzeb said Maryam will reach Lahore today by 3pm. “Party leaders, workers and people are eagerly and happily waiting for Maryam Nawaz,” she said. “Maryam Nawaz will return to the country and start the reorganisation of the party.”

She departed London for Pakistan yesterday. It is understood that she will build the party’s election narrative, as formulated by Nawaz, holding Imran Khan, former judges and military officers responsible for the economic and political instability in Pakistan.

It comes after Interior Rana Sanaullah announced that she would return on January 28th (today). He also said there would be a “huge reception” awaiting her at the Lahore airport.

On Saturday afternoon, PML-N Punjab’s Twitter account posted a video of Maryam boarding a plane from the UAE.